A Progetti Verve Engineering on Demand subscription opens the toolbox to

  • Interactive, client driven, concept development

  • 3D modelling (CATIA V5 and Inventor Pro)

  • Model visualisation via rendered images and 3D printing presentations/business plans/investor proposals

  • Mechanical design

  • Design for manufacture

  • Composite engineering design

  • Structural analysis via FE modelling (Nastran with pre and post modelling in FeMAP)

  • Specialist materials experience such as ceramic matrix composites and 3D printing metallics.

  • Working with specialist partners we can project manage CFD aerodynamic development including windtunnel model design and testing.

  • Prototype to production support using our extensive network of manufacturing partners both in Asia, Europe and the UK.

  • If there’s something we can’t do, we’ll find and work with the people that can.

Concept truck modelling

Basic Plan

Skate Board (Yes we've done one!)

30 hours total, renewed every 24 hours - optimised for small short term projects, projects that are just getting off the ground, working on conceptual design, feasibility studies, engineering input regarding costs, design and IP, manufacture and production.  

Bigger projects

Bicycle (and a few of these)

48 hours total entitlement, renewed every 40 hours - aimed at bringing a project to life, turning a vision into a manufactured product. Primarily utilised by clients that already have an idea of what they want to bring to market but lack the developed engineering capacity to produce the desired outcome. 

Race Car (and not a bad record for these either)

72 hours total entitlement, renewed every 60 hours. For our clients with big long term projects that need near full time care and attention. 

Need something different?

Contact us to discuss a custom plan to suit your project.