Why a subscription service?

Design and development is a fluid process, subject to changes of direction, thinking and philosophy.  The traditional model of defining a complete set of project requirements up front puts it in a box right at the start, changes become constrained by the limits of that box, changes lead to expensive renegotiation of contracts, reallocation of workload and time delays.  Your project becomes resistant to change.  A subscription removes those restrictions, fixes your engineering budget for a defined period.  We work as if we were your own in house engineering resource.

I'm nervous about an open ended project timeline?

Don't be!  By selecting a plan suitable to your project scale there should be no surprises.  Start small and add hours.   You will have your deadlines and we work to respect those.  You have complete hour by hour control of our activities (see How do I keep track of activities).  On the other hand if the scale of the project should increase as things develop resulting in the need for more work just renew the subscription for more hours, no cost renegotiation just seamless continuity.

What are deposit hours?

Your initial subscription payment includes a number of hours over the subscribed work block hours.  These hours are used as a float between invoicing and payment of the the next subscription block, or at the termination of your subscription (see How do I cancel my subscription) we don't stop working!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simple, just let us know at the end of the current work block you don't wish to renew.  Your deposit hours are then used to close out your project, collate and return all your data to you.

How do I keep track of activities?

We like to have regular communications, teleconferencing, skype calls, good old email and phone what ever you prefer for collaboration.  We can upload your data to where ever you require as regularly as you require.  We will issue you with detailed time sheets outlining our activities for you hour by hour.  Unlike a true in house resource you pay for what we do not the coffee we drink!

Is there minimum usage rate for hours, do I have to use a minimum number of hours per month?

No, use your hours as and when your project requires them.  Development is a fluid process a subscription smooths the peaks and troughs for engineering capacity.

Does my subscription expire if I don't use it?

Unused hours will be held for a minimum of six to 12 months depending on the plan in operation.